2015 PH Forum

The 2015 PH Forum was another great success.  A HUGE thank you to Leslie Oygar, MPH, RN, BSN for her delightful and informative presentation on nutrition; Dr. Aaron Waxman for his overview and demonstration  of the implantable pump; and Dr. Joel Wirth for collaborating with Dr. Waxman on a general discussion on advances in PAH treatment; and Dr. Wirth’s overview of the origin, development, and implementation of the accreditation process for  PH Care Centers.

The Forum, which was held at Homewood Suites was well attended with nearly 30 in attendance.  If you have ideas for topics (other than oxygen therapy which has already been suggested) that you would like to see addressed in future forums, please email Jeannette at JMMorrill15@gmail.com

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Thank you for joining the conversation and helping us to raise awareness and create a sense of community! Please remember that this is a public forum that touches on aspects of private lives. Be considerate of others, and thoughtful about sharing personal or medical information online.

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